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Herbs and vaporization is our inspiration

Vaporize & smoke without any limits. The vaporizers developed by SHIVApo give you a wide range of enjoying your herbs the way you want.


Shivapo Vaporizer Table

Vaporizer developed by SHIVApo portable & table

A portable vaporizer lets you travel discreetly, enjoy your favorite herbs and concentrates while traveling, or share your best herbs with friends at a party.

Our mechanical vaporizers are the perfect pipes for vaporisation, running completely without electricity or any kind of batteries.

A flame heats the borosilicate glass within the vaporizer. Due to this special kind of glass the generated heat creates an airstream that will be distributed evenly within the pipe, heating the herbs but not burning it.

Instead of lighting the herbs and smoking the burned plant, the heated airstream passes the plant and the vaporized ingredients of the herbs are inhaled, avoiding all smoke`s various toxicants.

SHIVApo stainless steel One-Hitter & Bonghead with integradet Filter System

Smoking Pipe with adapter. In purchasing this pipe, you will have bought a pipe with various functions. It can be used as a vaporizer as well as an one hitter. Adding a filter of activated charcoal filter activ based on coconut right behind the fire box of the one hitter, the pipe will hardly be contaminated and can be used as a vaporiser immediately after.
The Shivapo AV2 stainless steel bong head combined with an integrated filter system is a Shivapo essence of herbal consumption with three notable advantages. Point 1 of the filters gives a much smoother smoking experience without affecting the benefit of the herb. Point 2 whichever bong is used, cleaning becomes easier by dimensions. You will enjoy it. Point 3 All SHIVApo products are designed for long, possibly lifetime use.

SHIVApo stainless steel meets glass craft Chakra-Bong

The bong is handmade glass, from our friends Kaiserhof Glasmanufaktur.  The glass is shining in the colours of the chakras. Aproximativ 5 mm thick wall makes it very sturdy and almost impossible to break. With a design that allows very quick and easy cleaning due to a wide opening right below the lid.

All parts apart from the borosilicate glass itself are made of premium AV2 steel. The lid is designed to fit a variety of vessels and containers such as cocktail glasses or beer glasses. Hence, the favorit flowers can be enjoyed without the original bong glass as well all around the world.

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VAPORIZER table & portable

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VAPORIZER attachement


UNICUM`s & Combinations



SHIVApo Attachement for BONG & WATER PIPE

Our mechanical vaporizers are the perfect convection evaporators that do not require electricity or batteries.

A borosilicate element is heated by the flame of a lighter. This element distributes the heat and promises a steady stream of hot air that heats the herb, but doesn’t burn it.

Instead of burning and smoking the plant, a stream of hot air passes the plant and you inhale the active substance vapors of the tobacco without burning it. The smoke with its numerous toxins is avoided.

This method promises extremely mild steam enjoyment. An additional waterfilter can make the enjoyment even milder.

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