So that you can keep an overview in the event of a reclamation

Although we always pack our products with care and conscientiously pay attention to correct picking, we can not guarantee 100% error-free delivery. If you have a reason for reclamation, we would like to apologize at this point for any inconvenience this may cause. Here you will find all the information you need to proceed in case of a complaint. To ensure a quick and smooth processing for you, simply follow these 3 steps. We will also be happy to answer any further questions you may have at

Step 1: Get in touch with us!

In order to solve your request quickly and avoid unnecessary returns, please contact us by e-mail first.

  • E-mail address for complaints:

We kindly ask you to enclose the number of the delivery bill of the delivery to be complained about with your letter.Sso that we can help you quickly and without complications. In addition, the exact designation of the product(s) concerned. In order to facilitate the coordination of the further procedure, please describe the faults you are complaining about as precisely as possible and supplement the letter of complaint with one or more photos of the defective goods. Low-resolution photos are sufficient for this purpose; files that are too large can only be used with greater processing effort on our part and ultimately cost more time in the complaint process. Our employee will plan the next steps together with you.


Step 2: Returning the goods

After you have contacted us and a written claim has been made, please return the claimed goods to us. We ask for your understanding that we can only accept shipments that meet the following conditions:

  • To enable us to process your complaint, please enclose the delivery bill or a copy of it with your shipment.
  • Please use the original packaging or an equivalent packaging for the dispatch of your reclamation, which protects the goods on the return transport according to the OVP.
  • Please put sufficient postage on your shipment.
  • Please note that we can only accept cleaned goods.
  • In many cases, the products must be returned to the manufacturer/distributor. The dirty goods would significantly slow down the claim process.

Step 3: Rework or replacement

As soon as we have received the product back from you, we will check the reason for your complaint. If there is a manufacturing or material defect, we will offer a replacement delivery or repair. However, if the defect removal or replacement fails, you can demand a reduction of the payment or the cancellation of the contract.


Further important notes for complaints at SHIVApo:

  • Damage that obviously occurred due to transportation, upon delivery, please note in writing on the receipt and take a meaningful photo of the damaged package.
  • Reclamations should be submitted to us promptly.
  • In the case of claimed goods, which are not exchanged but repaired, we ask for your understanding for a higher amount of time. The product will be shipped to you immediately after repair.
  • We only replace those products for which a complaint is accepted by the RMA inspection.
  • We generally reject those complaints which are clearly products with damage due to improper handling on the part of the customer.